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About Us

Why Belka?

Designers, Architects, and end-users share their stories as they materialize their projects with the use of our products.

Their passion to create spaces that reflect their style and personality, combined with our innovative product ranges

results in commercial and residential projects that communicate perfectly with its surrounding environment.

Listen to their stories and be inspired.



Unique features of Belka have turned it into ideal coverings for walls and ceilings and rendered it suitable for all tastes and drawing styles such as minimalism, modernism, postmodernism, and classicism.


Employing cellulose and natural substances in our individual and social lives will guarantee security and peace of mind; in fact, natural living has been encrypted, for millions of years, in our genes and DNA.



There are many reasons to use Natural Wall Coating Belka on your walls.

    Belka, Eco-Friendly

    Belka is the best choice by environmentalists. Our goal is to live in a green environment, free from any substances harmful to humans and the beautiful planet earth.


    Belka wall coverings, which completely cover the surface underneath, not only provide a comforting, revitalizing all-natural environment but also prevent electromagnetic, radio, and macro waves.

    With the advancement and development of technology and industry, we see the ever-increasing human reliance on achievements in mechanics, electromagnetics, radio waves, different rays, and magnetic fields, which, being unnatural and unhealthy, have a direct detrimental impact on human psyche and soul. This leads us, in turn, to see the all-important human need for natural environments and all-natural, recyclable materials. Understanding the importance of a natural and healthy environment for the lives of ourselves, our children, and future generations, we inevitably need full cooperation on a social level.


    Apart from its esthetic features and positive psychological effects and its capability to create a positive atmosphere, Belka has been quite intelligently designed, based on cutting-edge world technology, and proves highly effective in reducing energy and fossil fuel consumption and sustaining the environment with 100% eco-friendliness.


    Belka has brought about an amazing transformation in the lives of humankind today and tomorrow.


    Besides possessing dazzling esthetic values, Belka can materialize our entire decorative needs all at once. Not only is the Belka product 100% natural and ecofriendly, but also its contamination levels at the time of production are close to zero. (Winner of GIC Top Ten Award from England for observing environmental health during production)


    Belka is the best choice by environmentalists. Our goal is to live in a green environment, free from any substances harmful to humans and the beautiful planet earth.

    Belka, due to its high levels of cold and heat insulation, causes a significant drop in energy and fossil fuel consumption; according to scientific and field research, approximately 50 to 60 percent of locations utilizing Belka show a considerable decrease in energy consumption, compared to other places in normal or pre- Belka conditions; in addition to saving energy, this could be remarkably cost-effective, as well.

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