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Belka Wall Paints For Auditoriums

Auditorium: a structure built to host an audience for events such as concerts, theater performances or presentations. Whether they are large-scale or of a more modest nature. More than just wall paint should be considered when determining interior paint color. Belka cotton wall paint is 100% natural. Does not contain chemicals. It provides heat and cold insulation for the auditorium. There is a wide range of colors in the color catalog that evokes different emotions in people with many different color concepts. If there is a limited amount of light in the auditorium, bright yellow can enhance the feeling of light. The auditorium hosts quiet and peaceful events, talks or performances. You want your audience to feel calm and relaxed in the auditorium, blue wall covering is the perfect color for this. You can easily apply your preferred cotton wall paint to the surface you want.

Belka B12 - Cream Cotton Wall Paint Belka B12 - Cream Cotton Wall Paint
Belka B12 - Cream Cotton Wall PaintThe cream color, which is representative of calmness and purity, offers a clear beauty to the environment. Belka B12 Cream Cotton Wall Paint creates a feeling of home thanks to its warm tone. Belka B12, which is dominated by the Tan tone that evokes productivity, i..
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Belka GL1.02A - Red Cream Multicolored Wall PaintBelka B1 content is cotton and consists of natural mineral components and is 100% natural. Belka – manufactured with high tech can be applied any surface. Brick, plaster, decorative painted surface, ceramic, glass, wallpaper, cement, wood, m..
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