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Baby Room

Belka Wall Paints For Baby Room

You can choose oil paint or water-based paint when choosing wall paint for baby rooms, but we do not recommend this. This is because these products contain chemicals. There are no chemicals in Belka wall paint. You can provide thermal insulation and sound insulation in your baby's room, home or workplace by Belka wall covering.

While your baby is sleeping in his room, you can watch your TV in the living room. Blue, green and pink colors, which we think are the cutest colors for babies, with soft tones. If you are waiting until birth to find out the gender of your baby, neutral color walls may be preferred. If you find it difficult to choose cute color paint for your home, we can decide to design a wall together.

Belka B10 - Cream Wall Coating Belka B10 - Cream Wall Coating
Belka B10 - Cream Wall Coating The cream color, which makes us feel the warmth of the sun, which is representative of power and energy, is the representative of calmness and purity. It allows us to feel refreshment and serenity in the places where it is applied. Blanched Almond color, which is ..
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Belka MX2.01A - Cream Yellow Mixed Soothing Wall DecorPaintSpring is the beautiful colorful season which offers energetic green color for interior design. By combining green (B31) with B30 which contains cream and yellow, bring spring to your area. Touch of yellow makes it warm. It is suitable for a..
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