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Belka Wall Paints For Banks

The biggest reason behind the existence of banks, which are vital parts of countries and economies, is the sense of trust they create. Confidence is based on the colors used on the bank walls and ceilings and the whole interior design. Have you ever thought why banks use green, blue, orange and red colors in their corporate identity designs? These colors give people confidence and peace. For example, blue wall paint, the color of trust, is generally preferred by banks and financial institutions.

So much so that even the writings written with a blue pen, are more memorable. With Belka cotton wall paint, you can transfer your corporate identity to your wall by painting wall designs and wall paints that you can apply on your interior walls as you wish. Belka cotton wall paint offers you unlimited design options for your workplace and bank. You can create your logo and brand name on the walls using stencil.

Belka B11 - Cream Wall Finish Belka B11 - Cream Wall Finish
Belka B11 - Cream Wall FinishCream color bearing the noble traces of white brings together the nobility of white and its unique calmness, revealing Belka B11 Cream Wall Finish color. While it allows the serenity and creativity to come together at the same point, it impresses with its warm tone from ..
4,200 KES
Ex Tax:4,200 KES
Belka B39 - Blue Wall Finish Belka B39 - Blue Wall Finish
Belka B39 - Blue Wall FinishBring an innovative touch to your living area with blue which represents success and self-confidence! Belka B39 can be easily applied to any interior wall and ceiling surface with its Sky Blue tone. This color is a good choice for the interior walls of schools, children's..
4,100 KES
Ex Tax:4,100 KES
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