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Belka Wall Paints For Colleges

As Belka we believe that college and educational institutes are more than a building interior design and wall paints are the key to inspiration for the young generation, interior view of class should stimulate the imagination and energy of the whole class and make learning easy. therefore in this category as Belka wall paint, we choose the best colors and combined the most useful models to improve education. Belka cotton wall coating has many unique features for colleges and education institutes such as %60 sound isolation, moisture absorption, anti-allergy, resistance to fire, and damage. Instead of wallpaper and wall paint on college interior walls, a new generation, smart cotton wall covering Belka is the best choice.

Belka B1 - Cream Wall Paint Belka B1 - Cream Wall Paint
Belka B1 cream color smart wall paint is the best alternative to wallpaper and wall paint. It absolutely doesn't contain chemicals and is safe. Belka B1 Can be applied to all kinds of decoratively painted surfaces such as; Brick, Gypsum, Ceramic, Wallpaper, Cement, Glass, Wood, Metal, Painted surfac..
4,100 KES
Ex Tax:4,100 KES
Belka B39 - Blue Wall Finish Belka B39 - Blue Wall Finish
Belka B39 - Blue Wall FinishBring an innovative touch to your living area with blue which represents success and self-confidence! Belka B39 can be easily applied to any interior wall and ceiling surface with its Sky Blue tone. This color is a good choice for the interior walls of schools, children's..
4,100 KES
Ex Tax:4,100 KES
Belka GL1.03A - Green Yellow Lux Wall PaintBelka B1 content is cotton and consists of natural mineral components and is 100% natural. Belka – manufactured with high tech can be applied any surface. Brick, plaster, decorative painted surface, ceramic, glass, wallpaper, cement, wood, metal, ..
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