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Dance Clubs

Belka Wall Paints For Dance Clubs

For a lifelong dancer, there's no denying the nostalgic feeling of entering a dance club. From beautiful wood floors to oversized mirrors and ballet bars, it evokes emotion in almost any dancer. Now that you own a dance club, you probably want to capture the same feeling for your students. Painting the dance club wall area with Belka wall paint will make it feel brighter and more beautiful. Hold on! I will give you information about wall paint colors. When looking for the best colors for dance club walls, consider soothing light colors of blue or green. If you plan on decorating a lot with art, mugs and other items, go with neutral browns, grays or whites. Cotton wall covering in the dance club will contribute a lot to you in terms of heat and sound insulation. Because cotton wall covering is more technological than its equivalents in terms of insulation.

Belka B1 - Cream Wall Paint Belka B1 - Cream Wall Paint
Belka B1 cream color smart wall paint is the best alternative to wallpaper and wall paint. It absolutely doesn't contain chemicals and is safe. Belka B1 Can be applied to all kinds of decoratively painted surfaces such as; Brick, Gypsum, Ceramic, Wallpaper, Cement, Glass, Wood, Metal, Painted surfac..
4,100 KES
Ex Tax:4,100 KES
Belka B11 - Cream Wall Finish Belka B11 - Cream Wall Finish
Belka B11 - Cream Wall FinishCream color bearing the noble traces of white brings together the nobility of white and its unique calmness, revealing Belka B11 Cream Wall Finish color. While it allows the serenity and creativity to come together at the same point, it impresses with its warm tone from ..
4,200 KES
Ex Tax:4,200 KES
Belka B53 - Green Wall Decor Belka B53 - Green Wall Decor
Belka B53 - Green Wall DecorBelka B53 is a specific color code. It includes touches of black among yellowish green. It’s matt and matches well with neutral colors and also cold colors like green and blue. You can use it to make phenomenal color combination which suits your interior design...
3,750 KES
Ex Tax:3,750 KES
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