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Belka Wall Paints For Hotels

Holiday seasons, business meetings, friends' bachelorette parties, weddings and more... . Hotel rooms always fascinate us with their perfectionist and relaxed style, and each has a different character, wall color concept that we never want to leave. Belka also wants to fascinate you with its cotton wall paint colors. In hotel decorations, Belka cotton wall paint colors always make its mark in the trends. It is one of the important rules that wall paints do not tire the eyes and that the color used in wall paint gives peace, energy and elegance. Undoubtedly, the most important factor for it is the choice of hotel room wall color. Boutique hotel, big hotel, five-star hotel, ultra-luxury hotel, small hotel, concept hotel…

This list goes on and on, and each one has a different decoration style and a different wall paint color. Boutique hotel wall paints generally have light-colored and spacious decorations, as there are not very large hotel rooms. In the luxury segment, black and dark wall paints have dominated hotel rooms for many years, but this situation has begun to change as light colors become a trend again and spaciousness and comfort are at the forefront. If you are going to choose a dark color in the room color after determining the concept, choose smoked gray, light charcoal and blue-green tones, but do not prefer black color especially in tourism and holiday concepts, except from mix it with other light neutral colors or warm colors, to make an stunning striking impressive Belka artwork.

Belka B10 - Cream Wall Coating Belka B10 - Cream Wall Coating
Belka B10 - Cream Wall Coating The cream color, which makes us feel the warmth of the sun, which is representative of power and energy, is the representative of calmness and purity. It allows us to feel refreshment and serenity in the places where it is applied. Blanched Almond color, which is ..
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Belka GL1.04A - Green Lux Wall DesignBelka B1 content is cotton and consists of natural mineral components and is 100% natural. Belka – manufactured with high tech can be applied any surface. Brick, plaster, decorative painted surface, ceramic, glass, wallpaper, cement, wood, metal, aerate..
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