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Belka Wall Paints For Kindergartens

Besides being a beautiful, energetic, colorful, attractive place, kindergartens must be healthy and beneficial for lovely kids.
Choose the best colors to use for interior wall and ceiling of kindergarten and nursery school.

This is significantly important in learning environments. Color in kindergarten has an enormous impact on kids’ emotions and mindset during the day. In the past, Monotonous colors like off-white, beige, and gray dominated most kindergarten rooms and nursery hallways, and design was barely a consideration. Today, new kindergartens are focusing on color and design to help define a space’s purpose and identity, and improve teachers’ and students’ educational experience through the right colorful choices. The %100 cotton-based Belka wall paint product has many unique features for kindergarten interior wall design such as %60 sound isolation, %80 heat isolation, easy to repair, moisture absorption, fire resistance, healthy, anti-allergy, light coordination.

Belka B10 - Cream Wall Coating Belka B10 - Cream Wall Coating
Belka B10 - Cream Wall Coating The cream color, which makes us feel the warmth of the sun, which is representative of power and energy, is the representative of calmness and purity. It allows us to feel refreshment and serenity in the places where it is applied. Blanched Almond color, which is ..
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