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Belka Wall Paints For Kitchen

Belka wall finish painting or cotton coating is the best way to change things up in the kitchen with no need to total renovation, no construction, just Belka trowel and Belka cotton wall paint.

Color your cabinets with bright blues and reds, or ground a large space with a soothing gray or green... No matter what kitchen furniture you got or if you're totally stumped for inspiration, we have got modern kitchen coating and paint color ideas, designs, and tips to guide you in this category.

Belka has another unique feature that protects your kitchen wall surfaces from dirtiness or from any damage, which makes Belka the best kitchen cotton wall coating compared to other wall paper and wall paints.

Belka B10 - Cream Wall Coating Belka B10 - Cream Wall Coating
Belka B10 - Cream Wall Coating The cream color, which makes us feel the warmth of the sun, which is representative of power and energy, is the representative of calmness and purity. It allows us to feel refreshment and serenity in the places where it is applied. Blanched Almond color, which is ..
4,200 KES
Ex Tax:4,200 KES
Belka B12 - Cream Cotton Wall Paint Belka B12 - Cream Cotton Wall Paint
Belka B12 - Cream Cotton Wall PaintThe cream color, which is representative of calmness and purity, offers a clear beauty to the environment. Belka B12 Cream Cotton Wall Paint creates a feeling of home thanks to its warm tone. Belka B12, which is dominated by the Tan tone that evokes productivity, i..
3,900 KES
Ex Tax:3,900 KES
Belka B53 - Green Wall Decor Belka B53 - Green Wall Decor
Belka B53 - Green Wall DecorBelka B53 is a specific color code. It includes touches of black among yellowish green. It’s matt and matches well with neutral colors and also cold colors like green and blue. You can use it to make phenomenal color combination which suits your interior design...
3,750 KES
Ex Tax:3,750 KES
Belka B56 - Green Room Paint Belka B56 - Green Room Paint
Belka B56 - Green Room PaintBelka B56 includes light green and touches of gray. A cold color along with a neutral. It’s a matt color that its role in color combination is that to make other colors, be more seen. Green symbolizes renewal and growth. It is the power of green, which manages energy to r..
4,100 KES
Ex Tax:4,100 KES
Belka GL1.04A - Green Lux Wall DesignBelka B1 content is cotton and consists of natural mineral components and is 100% natural. Belka – manufactured with high tech can be applied any surface. Brick, plaster, decorative painted surface, ceramic, glass, wallpaper, cement, wood, metal, aerate..
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