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Belka Wall Paints For Shops

If your business includes selling products in stores or shops the interior design of your store is very important. Decorative designs of interior shop walls and ceilings are consistently attracting customers, exposing the quality of your products, giving a professional look to your business. Belka wall paint "shop and store category" is guiding their customers to have the best benefit from their interior store surfaces. Belka cotton wall coating products have many unique and smart features such as easy to apply, %100 cotton-based, %60 sound isolation, %80 heat isolation, odorless, economic, Resistant to fire and impact, fits for every surface, resistant against moisture, light coordination. Instead of wallpaper and wall paint on your store walls, a new generation, smart cotton wall covering Belka is the best choice.

Belka B52 - Blue Wall Finish Belka B52 - Blue Wall Finish
Belka B52 - Blue Wall FinishBelka B52 includes white and different shades of blue. Blue creates a sense of calm and relaxation, even lowering blood pressure and heart rate and that’s why they say it heals. White, a positive color, is associated with purity, heaven, safety, understanding, cleanliness..
4,200 KES
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Belka B59 - Gray Cotton Wall Paint Belka B59 - Gray Cotton Wall Paint
Belka B59 - Gray Cotton Wall PaintAn amazing matt neutral color of gray! Gray is an emotionless, moody color that is typically associated with meanings of stability, formal, conservative, and sophisticated. The neutral color of gray is a cool and balanced color. White, is associated with purity, hea..
4,200 KES
Ex Tax:4,200 KES
Belka GL1.03A - Green Yellow Lux Wall PaintBelka B1 content is cotton and consists of natural mineral components and is 100% natural. Belka – manufactured with high tech can be applied any surface. Brick, plaster, decorative painted surface, ceramic, glass, wallpaper, cement, wood, metal, ..
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